A Special Message From Team QAM

With one week left before the adventures of Beta and Oversight kick off in TEMPLATE, I want to take this opportunity to officially welcome everybody to my web thingamabob. While it’s technically been “up” for a few months now, we’re finally at the point where actual content is coming. So it’s naturally been a really busy time behind-the-scenes making sure we’re ready to roll.

More importantly, I want to thank you.

Taking a chance on something new, in any medium, is an exercise of faith. When it comes to creators, you can multiply that by about a million. So the fact that many of you are with us, literally, on the ground floor, means more than you can ever know. It also gives us the major responsibility of not f*cking this up.

So what can we do about that? First, and most important, we can put out a quality product. I truly believe we’ve done that in TEMPLATE, and hope you feel the same way when reading it. With Andres’s amazing art, Nathan’s great colors, MaGnUs’s skillful lettering and some “just okay” writing from yours truly, the whole creative team (I can’t stress the “team” part enough) is putting our all into this and, with some luck, that’ll shine through.


Another thing is making sure it’s free. Not free for a limited time.  Not free for just the first issue. Not free if you buy something else or “Like” us on Facebook (though we’d appreciate it!). 100% free. We definitely have some plans to monetize this down the line, but the primary goal right now is making sure people actually read it. And the best way of doing that is not having any barriers. That also means providing it in a format you prefer, so every edition will have CBR and PDF versions for you to download on whatever device you like. Or, you can just read it right here on the site.

Your comics. Your way.

So, again, thanks and we hope you stick around for the ride. I can’t promise there won’t be some bumps along the way, but it’s gonna be a hell of a lot of fun.