Team QAM

Andres Quezada

Andres Quezada is a freelance comic artist who resides in Mexico.  And, as you’ll come to find out on TEMPLATE, is pretty damn good. To check out more of his great stuff, head on over to his Deviantart page or follow him on Twitter.

Projects: TEMPLATE, TEMPLATE: The Binary Code

Daniele Cosentino

In his own words: “As far as I remember I always liked to draw, but at the age of seven I started collecting comics and I understood that I wanted to draw one of my own. Raised up on lots of cartoons, comics, videogames and movies, once I finished the industrial high school I went to the “Scuola Internazionale di Comics” for three years and now I’m looking for my dream to come true. To see more of Daniele’s work, follow him on Facebook or check out his Deviantart and Facebook pages!

                                                         Projects: Xeno Trip

Nathan Lumm

In his own words: “I’ve colored comics for Image, Marvel, DC and many others. I got burnt out for the longest time and have been working in the advertising industry for the last 10 years. It seems I’m slowly getting pulled back into comics with freelance gigs here and there, and it’s actually fun again!” Check out Nathan’s Deviantart page to see more of his work!

Projects: TEMPLATE, TEMPLATE: The Binary Code

Giulia Priori


Giulia Priori is a colorist born and based in Rome, Italy. She’s been working professionally since 2011, mainly in Italy, France and Belgium. Even as a little girl, she was fascinated with the act of bringing scenes and characters a live with colors. Today she likes to spend much of her efforts in the study of characters and personalities, aiming to enhance their psychological dimension through her medium. For her, every job is a big learning opportunity. When her hands aren’t on a piece of paper, she enjoys working as a make up artist, petting every single animal that comes in her vicinity and cooking delicious meals. To see more of Giulia’s work, check out her Deviantart and Facebook pages!

                                                         Projects: Xeno Trip

Lemuel Calpito


Lemuel Calpito is a San Diego based artist, illustrator, and graduate from CSU Long Beach with a BFA in 2014, began his journey into the industry through influences in film, comics and video game entertainment. He seeks new opportunities to bring ideas to life from character to environmental design, concepts to storyboards, collaborating with writers, designers, and marketing. Check out more of his work at his website.

Projects: TEMPLATE: The Binary Code, The Cold Wave

Ken Reynolds


In his own words: “I’m a freelance graphic designer and comic book letterer living and working in Suffolk. I have over 10 years of commercial experience using Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign. I also have over twenty years experience using pens, pencils, paper and most importantly my imagination. I’m always looking for new clients to work with and interesting projects to work on.” Find Ken on Facebook, Twitter or his website!

Projects: Xeno Trip, TEMPLATE: The Binary Code, The Cold Wave, Spellchecked



Martín A. Pérez (AKA MaGnUs) hails from Montevideo, Uruguay, and is a writer and radio host/producer. He has published in print and online, writes articles and columns about roleplaying games, comics and scifi, and hosts a show about geeky stuff (Perdidos En El Eter). Currently, he’s writing and lettering comic books (published four anthologies and one graphic novel, among other projects), and writing narrative and flavor text for videogames. To get in touch with him for any of the aforementioned services for your project, check out his FacebookTwitter and Deviantart pages!

                                                         Projects: TEMPLATE, Xeno Trip


Quinton Miles


My work has been featured in a number of  licensed video games from Oasys Mobile, including iCarly Mobile (with Nickelodeon) and Army Men: Mobile Ops (with Take Two Interactive). In 2010, I decided to pursue a career in writing comics and pitched nonstop to make that happen. When that didn’t do anything, I started QAM Comics! I currently reside in Raleigh, North Carolina and operate as the publisher of this fine establishment. If you’re a fan of comics, video games, sports, wrestling, and entertainment in general and want to read some meaningless insights from yours truly, follow me on Twitter!

Projects: TEMPLATE, Xeno Trip, TEMPLATE: The Binary Code, The Cold Wave, Spellchecked