Goodbye, TEMPLATE…

Wow, what a ride. And, suprisingly, not that many bumps!

Before we wrap this baby up tomorrow, I think I speak for the whole creative team on TEMPLATE when I say THANK YOU to everyone who has either stuck around since April or joined us at some point along the way. We definitely appreciate it.

This is nothing without my collaborators and I’m proud as hell of Andres, Nathan and MaGnUs for all the work we’ve done together. I said this way back in March and I’ll say it again: this is a TEAM. A well-oiled team, that with no guarantees of anything, consistently published a free, complete, high-quality story (at least we think so) ON SCHEDULE for seven months without interruption because we just wanted to do it. Completely on our terms. Seriously, how many other people can say that for their first full project?? It’s crazy to think about.

So what happens with TEMPLATE from here? Nothing immediately. Andres and Nathan are going to take a well deserved break to recharge their batteries. And I’m already at work on putting the graphic novel together for our lucky few Kickstarter backers. Among other stuff…

None of us look like this anymore.

 Team TEMPLATE takes a bow.

Everybody on the team has expressed an interest in coming back to this crazy new world we’ve created, but at this point it’s a matter of seeing if enough of you feel the same way. It took longer than I hoped, but we finally arrived on Comixology in October and it appears that we’re doing okay as can be for a new self-published series from an unknown creative team. So, in the meantime, I’m just gonna sit back and and watch our progress there while continuing to find ways to get the word out about the series. We don’t care if we’re not gonna be rich off of this. But if there’s enough of an audience to merit coming back, we almost certainly will.

So if you have enjoyed TEMPLATE, tell a friend, point them in our direction and keep spreading the word! We’ll see ya when we see ya!