Zero Season Is Here!


I’ve been a fan of the television pilot season for as long as I can remember. Not just the “surviving” shows that everybody sees in the fall, but all the stuff that goes with it behind the scenes for the year(s) preceding. While there have been many spins on it from various forms of media (including comics), the premise is generally the same for all of them: somebody makes the first episode/issue and some folks decide whether it goes on to series.

Thanks to Comixology Submit, there’s absolutely nothing stopping the little guy from doing their own version of that. So guess what? That’s exactly what I’m doing, and “some folks” is you.

Welcome to QAM Comics’s first edition of Zero Season!

On July 2, next week, I’ll be launching zero issues for two potential new series. Whether we continue on with them is entirely up to you, since I’ll be following social media interaction in addition to the star ratings on Comixology. If an issue can get past 50 star ratings, we’ll start seriously considering it. If it goes over 100, then you can safely expect news that a #1 and series commitment is on the way.

Going with the zero numbering was a deliberate choice on my end. These issues would definitely be a part of the story for their respective series if we continue, but I don’t want to commit to anything long-term on that end yet. Thanks to years of conditioning as a comic fan, something about a zero issue screams “non-committal” to me, so I wanted to get that across in the clearest way possible while trying to turn that perception on its head.

So, without further ado, here are the two series that kick off Zero Season 2014!

Signature: Jarrod Rush leads a special division of the U.S. Marshals aimed at bringing in fugitives from future timelines. With partners Kurt Avery and Molly Edwards, he is tasked stopping these individuals before their actions alter our present, potentially resulting in the creation of new timelines. Step into the world of chronal law enforcement with this special zero issue! Creative Team: (W) Quinton Miles, (A) Simone Garizio, (C) Jose Exposito, (L) Jared Throne

The Round: In the nation of Camelot, King Arthur’s action response team is comprised of two parts: The Cabinet and The Knights. Together, they form the organization known as The Round.

Operating under King Arthur’s direct authority, The Knights of The Round are an elite special forces unit trained to execute missions with surgical precision. In this special zero issue, Arthur sends the group to confirm the return of a deadly adversary from Camelot’s past. One that could now pose a serious threat to the entire world. Creative Team: (W) Quinton Miles, (A) Davide Pandozy, (C) Nathan Lumm, (L) Ken Reynolds

See ya next week!